Financial Services For Growth Technology Companies

Finaas is a strategic financial services firm for technology companies. We work with technology companies from the start-up phase and provide end-to-end financial services for founders to quickly grow their companies and increase their company value.

As a company without a full-time CFO and looking for focusing on its core business rather than complex financial processes, leverage our team's extensive expertise in sourcing, operating and growing, and work with us to provide financial leadership and oversight for your business. Our CFO Advisory Services can also assist businesses seeking investment by helping to prepare investor presentations and financial models (with balance sheet, cash flow, income statement and assumptions). Additionally, we offer CFO Coaching to businesses that have a Financial Controller or CFO to help you grow and develop your team to the next level.

Startups aiming to raise growth capital through seed, Series A or Series B financing need to ensure that their financials and operational data that support the financial statements are available to the investor. At Finaas, we work with growth technology companies that are concerned with implementing appropriate processes and systems to meet revenue growth targets. With our Investor Readiness Services, we will review your company's historical financial statements and work with you to define and track key metrics for your business.

Through our partners, we provide the essential services needed to manage your compliance and reporting needs, including accounting, payroll, financial statement preparation and tax compliance. As part of our accounting consulting service, we create a workflow to ensure that your day-to-day operations, including your bank and credit card transactions, are linked to your accounting system and properly classified. Whether it's simple tax return applications, complex IFRS financial statements or "Investor Ready" financial reporting, we have the experience to deliver it all.

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What Did They Say About Finaas?

“We have been working with Finaas since 2020 on the regular preparation of our management reports, the analysis of the financial impact of our budget and business plans, and the evaluation of our investment plans.”

Seyhun R. Özkara


“Finaas acted as our financial advisor during the process of joining Pukta, of which I am the founder, within Eclit, one of Turkven's technology investments. In addition, we are still receiving services for the improvement of Eclit's financial processes.”

Egemen İnce


“We work together with Finaas on determining our investment strategies, improving our financial processes and preparing our financial management reports.”

Danyal Arslan


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