> Investor Readiness Services for Startups & Scaleups

Investor Readiness Services for Startups & Scaleups

Companies aiming to receive investment through Seed Capital, Series A or Series B financing should keep their financials and operational data compatible with these financials ready for investors' review. As part of any investment process, investors will review the company's past financial statements, key performance metrics, and financial forecasts before deciding for invesment. Setting up your accounting and bookkeeping system right is fundamental to creating investor ready financials.

Investor Metrics

Investors look at specific metrics such as a customer acquisition costs (CAC), a customer's expected lifetime value (LTV), and more importantly, your monthly recurring revenue trends (MRR/ARR) to determine your company's growth and momentum. We work with you to define and track key metrics for your business.

Departmantal Chart of Accounts

Unlike the default expense category chart of accounts, we'll help you identify and track business expenses by department. This will help management compare the effectiveness of each department and provide critical information for future business decisions.

Accrual Basis Accounting

Finaas will set up your accounting system to track deferred revenues and expenses in your business. This tracking method allows you to record a transaction when all contractual conditions for goods or services provided are met. These accounting records comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (IFRS and USGAAP) and is a requirement for investor ready financials.

GAAP & Complex Accounting

If your accounting reqiurements are more complex than general ledger accounting, we can provide support at the controller or CFO level. Our team assists with IFRS and management reporting requirements, as well as supervising internal or external accounting personnel, revenue records, deferred income, stock option, expense calculations and more. No need to hire an expensive full-time controller or CFO. Our team is scalable depending on your requirements.

Cash-flow Management & Forecasting

As a fast-growing technology company, we know that your company can’t afford to make mistakes when it comes to cash management. Knowing your current and future cash position will help you for making sound business decisions. Finaas creates an integrated cash flow report and forecast for your business. So you know what your estimated cash balance is on a weekly or monthly basis.

Corporate Tax Returns & Financial Statements

Finaas offers multiple solutions for corporate tax returns and financial statements. First, we can work with your external accountant / financial counsel to provide quarterly and year-end financial statements and other information needed to file your corporate tax return.

If you do not already have a service provider, we will meet you with one of the Finaas partners and support you in the transition process. We will work with your accountant / financial advisor to offer you the most appropriate tax planning advice.

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